How To Unblock Someone On Instagram

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Instagram is growing. It’s one of the most popular apps in the world, is the tenth most searched term on Google, and has over one billion people using it every single month. How to unblock someone on Instagram is becoming more and more popular search query.

With so many users, that means there is a lot of content being posted every day that a lot of users wonder how do you unblock someone on Instagram, and with 63% of Instagram users checking the app every day, your timeline can quickly fill up.

Why We Need To Know How To Unblock Someone on Instagram?

The nature of having a social media account means you can be just that, social! Instagram is a fantastic tool to connect with friends, family, celebrities, and businesses.

However, while most of the time, this is a brilliant feature, if your profile is not set to private, it does also mean that occasionally you could face unwanted comments and messages from users.

So if you are finding that your feed is being filled with posts or advertisements from accounts that you do not want to see, or you are facing constant harassment from another user, then you can block that user and later on learn how to unblock someone on Instagram.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to block someone on Instagram, but sometimes, you might have just wanted that to be a temporary ban. If that is the case, you might be wondering how to unblock someone on Instagram? This guide will show you how

how to unblock someone on Instagram

What Happens When You Block Someone on Instagram?

When you block someone on Instagram, you are effectively making your profile and account disappear for just that person. That means they will not be able to see your posts, view your Instagram stories, or send you a message.

They will also not be able to find your account if they search for your Instagram handle and if they did manage to find your profile, say by searching through a mutual follower, then your account would appear greyed out and blank.

The user is not notified that you have blocked them, and they will not know that they are blocked unless they actively seek your profile out.

how to unblock on instagram

How Do You Unblock Someone on Instagram and What Happens?

Whatever the reasons might be that you have blocked someone, you can always unblock them at any time.

When you do unblock them, they will not receive notification that you have unblocked them, and they might have never realized they were blocked in the first place.

It is important to remember, however, that when you do block someone, it means that their account automatically unfollows you.

Therefore when you unblock them, their account will no longer be following you, so if you want them to interact with your account again, you will need to send them a notification or get them to engage with your account again.

As you can see learning how to unblock in Instagram is quite easy after all.

How Do You Unblock Someone on Instagram?

Whatever the reasons might be that you have blocked someone, if you want to unblock them and let their account interact and engage with yours, then it is a very simple process to do. Here is how to unblock some on Instagram.

Unblock People on Instagram Through their profile

How do you unblock someone on Instagram through their profile? To do it this way, navigate your way to their profile using the search function and click on their account.

This will take you to their profile, and in lieu of the usual ‘follow’ button, you will see a button that says ‘unblock’.

When you click this, the user will no longer be blocked and will be able to interact and engage with your account once again.

Of course, this might highlight to the individual that you initially blocked them, so it is important to bear this in mind.

You Can Unblock Someone Through Your Mobile Account 

How do you unblock someone on Instagram? Another way to unblock someone is to do so directly through the Instagram app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other smartphone.

To unblock someone on Instagram using this method, then you need to navigate to your menu by clicking the three horizontal dots on the top right of your profile page.

From there, you should navigate towards the settings section, which you can reach by clicking the icon of the gear cog.

From there, click the image of the padlock to reach the privacy section, where you will see the option of ‘blocked accounts’. When you click this section, you will then be taken to a page that will reveal all of the accounts that you have blocked.

From there, you can easily unblock people or any users you want to engage with again by simply clicking the ‘unblock’ button on the right of the screen next to their profile name.

unblock on Instagram

How To Unblock on Instagram With Your Desktop

Although Instagram is primarily a mobile-based platform, with the majority of users interacting with the platform either through their mobile internet browser of the official Instagram app, it is also possible to access the platform through your desktop computer.

To unblock someone on Instagram via your desktop, the process is exactly the same as it is through your mobile.

You can either navigate your way towards their profile, and click the ‘unblock’ button, or you can do so through your blocked followers list on via settings.

Ask For Professional Help To Unblock Someone on Instagram

Now you know how to unblock someone in Instagram. No matter whether you are business, celebrity, or casual user, when you first start out on Instagram, your overall follower number will likely be quite small to start with.

That means that you are likely not going to need to worry about blocking or unblocking an account; however, as your profile grows, this can become a necessity in order to keep your notifications in check.

Of course, you want your Instagram profile to grow in followers. The more that your account has, the better engagement rates that you can enjoy, and the more influence that your account has.

Although there are many companies out there giving you the option of purchasing followers, these are often fake accounts and are more likely to lead to you receiving spam and unrelated comments and notifications.

Instagram growth service

At, we work with you to ensure that your account can grow naturally with genuine followers who are interested in you and your brand. When you join, you will be connected with a dedicated account manager who will work with you to ensure we can understand your exact requirements.

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