The Secret to Increasing Instagram Engagement

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Instagram is a platform where dreams come true. The secret to increasing instagram engagement should be interesting to everyone whether you’re a small time vegan store, handmade cosmetics store, a fashionista, a Dj, or even one of those ASMR or soap cutting accounts, Instagram is the place to be if you want to get noticed — and get famous!

However, this highly target-specific and very visual market needs some understanding. Sure, there are tons of ways to make your presence known on Instagram, but the key lies in your ability to engage your customers and followers. Building a loyal following has amazing benefits; followers bring in more followers, actively share your posts or help boost your sales.

Keeping in touch with your audience is very vital. It’s them who defines your success and drive your sales. But with so much competition around and followers scattered all over the world, how do you keep your audience close by?

Simple — through Instagram Engagement.

The Secret to Increasing Instagram Engagement

increasing instagram engagement

Engagement rates are a measure of your followers’ loyalty to you. With 30 million businesses and 800 million users, there is a competitive market and a follower niche out there for everyone.

The degree of their involvement determines your success. The ways the consumers interact with your product and respond to it determine your rapport with the consumer community. Here some very basic parameters to gauge how well your followers interact with your content.

Increasing Engagement With Followers

The size of your audience is important to determine your reach. Monitoring followers are crucial for analyzing how quickly you’re gaining new followers and what is attracting them towards your account.

Increasing Instagram Engagement With Likes

Likes are a basic measure of seeing if your content has been received well or not. With Instagram’s new updates, you can even see names of people who have liked a post; a celebrity or famous influencer’s name in your list of likes is bound to be a hit!

Increasing Engagement With Comments

Analyzing comments gives you a more holistic picture of understanding your followers’ reactions — think qualitative data. Comments can include opinions and emojis, which are very telling of reactions your post has garnered since it went public. The quality of the comments and the direction they are pointing towards determining fame — the good kind and the bad kind!

Shares and Reposts For Engagement

Sharing your post as a story or personal message or reposting on a personal feed determines how strongly followers feel about your content. It also determines the traffic that will be further drawn towards your channel and will be very telling of follower preferences, it will help increasing Instagram engagement.

Mentions and Hashtags For Instagram

By using your hashtag or mentioning your profile handle on posts, followers amplify your post further on Instagram. It gives you an opportunity to track what part of your content is famous, liked and drawing in more attention than the others.

hashtags help in increasing instagram engagement

Understanding Engagement Rates on Instagram

Understanding engagement rates will help you perform much better and apply your strategies in an effective manner and increasing Instagram engagement becomes easy.

A quick way to understand engagement rates is demonstrated by the following steps:

Step #1: Add up the number of comments and likes of a month’s (30 days) worth of posts. For example, 10 posts in 30 days.

Step #2: Divide the number you got from Step #1 with 10 (number of posts in the last 30 days)

Step #3: Divide the new number by total follower count.

Step #4: Multiply the number you got from Step #3 to convert into a percentage.

An engagement rate between 1% to 3% is generally good, which means that the profile can be made more tantalizing and more creativity and excitement should be added. An engagement rate of more than 3% means there’s high engagement and the content produced is a success.

Or, to get a better idea of your engagement rate, get in touch with a professional social media managing service to get an accurate representation of your follower engagement and ways to improve it.

How to Increase Instagram Engagement

Here’s how you can increase organic following on Instagram and keep in touch with the already existing followers! A loyal following means more success for you — the higher the follower retention, the better are your chances of Insta fame and this is quite the secret increasing Instagram engagement.

Use a Business Profile

Using a Business Profile on Instagram automatically lets you access the large user platform. Using data analytics, statistics and other numerical data, Instagram endorses your profile on users’ feeds all over the world.

Based on what users follow, like, share or repost, your profile will show up on their feed as a recommended page to follow.

Advertisements Are Increasing Instagram Engagement

Instagram advertisements cost as low as $0.75, and your outreach is bound to grow insanely. Using advertisements on Instagram allows you to control how you want to engage with your followers — what content you’d like them to see, for how long, whose profile it should appear on and many other demographics.

Research has also shown that Instagram ads have one of the highest engagement rates. This is because they’re non-intrusive, easy to make, and very strategically assembled on users’ feeds.

Post Wisely To Increase Engagement On Instagram

Posting on Instagram requires knowledge of certain things, especially timing and quantity helps to increase Instagram engagement. Flooding your Instagram with several posts a day could lead to Follower Fatigue, which means your followers will tire of your constant spamming. Uploading your posts at a certain time of a day when user activity is high is a smart move to invest in.

Your posts could also include references to current happenings and the latest internet jokes, or could be a repost of some of your most favorite posts to draw followers in again which helps with increasing Instagram engagement — it’s all about using your friendly internet resources and adding your own twist to it.

Enticing Content Helps a Lot

With creative posts, you’ll never go wrong.

Your Instagram feed should be tantalizing enough to draw traffic in from clicks to likes and reposts. Increasing follower engagement on Instagram means to post content that promotes you in a unique way. You could use photo editors, comparison photos, before-and-after shots, different filters and what not to create visually appealing pictures.

For example, as an up-and-coming Dj, you could post snippets of a new track you’re working on via Insta story or on your feed. Spiking your followers’ curiosity with teasers, trailers and posts alike is a way to keep them constantly active on your page and you will definitely see an increasing Instagram engagement.

Smart Hashtags

Hashtags first began on Instagram to help filter searches, certain profiles, the genre of posts and themes and so on so forth. Using quirky hashtags can set you apart from the rest and make it easy for your followers to find you across the platform.

With the right hashtags, your interaction with followers is bound to grow and draw in more follows. Pairing 5–7 good hashtags help you appear in top searches, increasing your chances of being noticed.

Using Geotags and Locations

Geotags have the ability to further filter search findings to specific locations or a certain diameter. Local businesses or influencers on tour can add geotags to their profiles to show up in top searches of the location of choice.

This also creates excitement and hype on your profile and increases the chances of gaining a bigger local following. It’s great to target customers and followers directly and increase engagement with them!

Story For Increasing Instagram Engagement

The Instagram story is the most famous feature of Instagram.

Turns out, Instagram users use Instagram Stories for 28 minutes on average. So what better way to catch your followers’ attention? Instagram Story allows you to get up close and personal with your followers. It helps them to get a glimpse into your daily life, your likes and preferences, and what makes you relatable.

An Instagram story can also be used widely to advertise about a new post that you have put up or will be putting up soon; hence, you get twice the amount of attention and it helps with increasing Instagram engagement.

story for increasing instagram engagement

Story Highlights

This is important, especially for new users who open your page. Story highlights allow you to showcase what your profile or business stands for. Creating small introductions, lists of products, About Me anecdotes, etc., are a way to attract followers.

Since stories last for only 24 hours, highlights are a way to add them permanently to your profile!

Instagram TV (IGTV)

Instagram TV is a new feature that allows you to upload long term videos on your profile! This means no more external links to video platforms — all your media can be on one page!

Using Instagram TV can be super helpful in increasing relatability and rapport with your followers. They’ll get to know the person behind the profile, and this emotional link increases the chances of active users navigating your page!

Giveaways and Contests To Increase Engagement

You’ve probably come across many profiles and businesses conducting giveaways and contests. They help to increase Instagram engagement.

Inciting followers to participate by simply tagging friends and sharing the post can draw in more volume of followers who are interested in the contest. It also plays a role in self-advertisement — so it’s a double win for you; more online presence and more follower outreach!

Collaborations With Influencers and Famous Bloggers

Collaborations with famous Instagram celebrities and influencers can lead to increasing Instagram engagement rates immensely.

Your followers will increase if your profile is endorsed well by the influencer you work with. Doing creative collaborations like videos or stories (for example, Jeffree Star and Patrick Starr’s makeup tutorials) can draw in a very large pool of followers from both ends, thereby increasing your follower engagement and chances of gaining tons of new followers!

Personalize Your Feed Theme

You can go absolutely artsy, crazy or creative here. A theme will separate your profile from your competitors and set you apart in your followers’ list of accounts that they’re following.

Your brand will have an extra edge that will make it more marked in a huge platform like Instagram. For example, going monothematic or using floral prints. Some people even like to arrange their photos in a certain way to make up a large picture when seen!

Followers are surely going to spend time maneuvering your page and many more will surely follow.


Adding call-to-actions like asking followers to leave comments, share or even Direct Message you allow them to feel that you are approachable and helps in increasing Instagram engagement

This gesture invites followers to actively engage with you and your profile. It’s also a great way to increase follower loyalty, create rapport on Instagram, and also increase follower retention rates.

Hiring a Social Media Manager To Increase Instagram Engagement

Hiring a Social Media account manager is a great way to jumpstart your follower engagement. With expertise on how to study logarithms, data, and analytics and quantify consumer and user behavior, they’re absolute professionals at navigating the world of Instagram.

At, our professionals know just how to market your profile to draw organic followers, boost your Instagram following, and also provide you with feedback to help with the increasing Instagram engagement

The experts at SocialStudi.o guarantee a successful Instagram experience by increasing your profile likeability with intelligent strategies. They also know just how to market your ideas to the right following to increase traffic on your page.

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