The Ingramer alternative that's still on the market.

Ingramer is officially closed because of the forbidden use of automation. offers hand-made growth without risking getting your profile disabled. Learn more about why is a better Ingramer alternative.

Better safe than sorry.

With you can be sure that your account is safe and secure. We are not using any kind of automation or third-party applications to grow your Instagram profile. Our hand-made interactions are approved by Instagram’s Terms of Use.

Ingramer alternative for real growth.

Imagine a person bringing you authentic followers, organic results, and brand exposure that you have never experienced before. is about – customized strategy and a strategic approach to growing your audience.

A winning customer service team.

Waiting in a queue to get your issue resolved? With our support team, you’ll get your answer the same day the question was asked. You can always reach your manager by email regardless of your subscription plan.


While Ingramer was a great platform to grow your account, it still used forbidden tactics. We can’t find any real reviews about Ingramer, but has an Excellent score of 4.7.

Comparing vs. Ingramer



Starts at $99/mo


Instagram policy compliant

Organic growth

Personal assistant

Customized strategy

Smart targeting features

Personalized consultation

Performance evaluation & discussion

Strategy changes

Priority support


Anytime cancelation

Money-back guarantee

Want to know how we will help you to grow?

Why brands are considering when searching for Ingramer alternative

Here are some of the reasons Instagram brands chose to grow their audiences.

No shadowbanned or disabled accounts is Instagram policy compliant, meaning that our growth is approved by Instagram’s Terms of Use. We are powered by hand-made interactions with your targeted audience. 

Real activity with real people

Instagram uses a community-based algorithm that helps to grow profiles organically. This means you need to spend countless hours interacting with other profiles. Let us do the grind.

The most satisfied customers

We always take time to understand your needs and discuss your performance. You can find some honest and real reviews on our Trustpilot profile.

We take time to analyze your results

Once the work begins, we don’t just sit back and relax. We grab a cup of coffee and inspect the follow-back ratio to adjust our strategy and bring you even better results.

Second to none service when it comes to efficiency and consistency. Great communication, very much eager to help you grow, give advice and tips on organic growth. I have received outstanding results thus far and will continue to use the service throughout my musical journey.
leedrelit reviews
— LeeDreLit, creative writer/composer

Ingramer alternative: What's right for me?

Some time ago, Ingramer was a great automation platform, you could simply connect your Instagram profile and leave the rest to their software. That particular software did interactions on your behalf, such as following other users, liking their content, and watching their stories.


The worst-case scenario happened when Instagram banned the use of automation or any third-party applications that generated bot-like followers. We guess that this was the reason behind Ingramer’s closure. 


On the other hand, is operating for more than 5 years, just because instead of automation we chose the harder path – growth powered by real human beings. We create a personalized strategy and execute it by engaging with your targeted audience. 


We can proudly say that is a perfect Ingramer alternative. We can promise you brand exposure, real followers, and a team that cares for your success.


We care about helping you along the way, so you keep posting quality content to maximize your profile awareness and natural growth. We understand that every new follower might become a strong brand advocate or even bring a revenue increase. 

Join 10,000+ fellow creators

See how easy it is to grow your Instagram profile with for less than ☕$3 per day.


Quick answers

Don’t see your answer? Reach out to us, we’d love to help!

Can I get banned? is a social media marketing agency powered by real human beings. As we are not using any kind of third-party applications or harmful software forbidden by Instagram, your profile is safe with us. In addition, we are 100% compliant with Instagram’s terms of use.

Are these followers real?

By combining our experience on Instagram marketing and with the help of real people we bring only real results. We help to grow organically, meaning you will get only real followers. Therefore, we are not selling followers, likes, or comments.

How does it work?

We specialize in the most up-to-date Instagram marketing techniques. We start by identifying your perfect audience, which consists of genuine profiles that are likely to follow your profile, engage with your content and even purchase a service or product from you.


After identifying your target audience we start engaging with them by following, post liking, and story viewing. Don’t worry, we unfollow these profiles after 3 days, this helps them to stick with your brand.


To sum up:


Targeting – we find and analyze similar profiles to yours, your competitors.

Following and unfollowing – we follow targeted profiles and after 3 (for followers to stick) days we unfollow them.

Liking – after following the targeted profile we like a few of the most recent posts. By liking we increase the follow back chance and the user might like your own posts back.

Story viewing – after following we also tend to watch users’ stories, which also helps to bring attention and increaseses the follow back chance.

Do you really need my password?

In order to log in and perform actions on your behalf we need your Instagram credentials. As we’ll be logging into your profile from a different location you are going to receive a security notification from Instagram. We will let you know before logging into your profile, you will be assured that it is our team logging in.


Important notice – stay away from agencies that provide organic growth without logging into your profile. As it means that they are using fake followers to ruin your Instagram profile.

When will I see results?

Please allow at least a few days for our team to do their precious work. The first day is mostly used to review your questionnaire details, set up your profile and discuss strategy. Most of our clients see first results after working with us for at least 3 days.


Keep in mind that we are not using any kind of automation that could harm your profile, also we are not selling followers, likes, or comments. That is why results take time, organic growth needs momentum that will not happen instantly.

Can I cancel anytime?

Whenever you feel like canceling your subscription simply contact your manager or send an email to with the cancelation request. You will get a response within 24 hours.

We don’t recommend you to stop working with us, because we are the best at our craft. But if you do decide to cancel your subscription, then we will log out from your profile and issue you a partial refund for the unused time with us.

Do you work with agencies?

Indeed we do. You can outsource your social media brand building and management services to our team. Be sure to contact us before, as we have different pricing for agencies.


Some key features:


  • Our team will never interact directly with your client.
  • The process of onboarding clients’ profiles goes through the agency.
  • Agency and work together in order to determine the perfect audience for the client profile.
  • Invoices are sent directly to the agency.

Can I use my Instagram profile while using

Of course, we do encourage our clients to use their Instagram profiles as usual. However, your manager is going to perform engagement actions such as following and liking. We would highly recommend that you restrict yourself from excessive liking and following.


It is worth mentioning that the more active you are – the easier it is for us to grow your profile. Keep posting regularly and interact with your new followers!

Can you get these results for anyone?

A lot depends on your niche, content output, and goals. For example, if you are in a small niche, want location-based followers, and have poor content, then it is quite possible that no one would want to follow your profile, just because you don’t create value for your potential followers.


Also, if your profile was being used on automation or you have bought fake followers in the past, then it is most likely that Instagram has restricted your profile. In that case, it takes much longer to get your trust score back to normal, but it is possible.


If your profile is clean then results will be great! Most important thing is that you focus on high-quality content and communicate with your audience.

Real people rated us 4.7/5 on Trustpilot.