How To Go Viral On Instagram

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With 800 million users a day actively using the app, Instagram is the new online hub to market your business.

With countless features to choose from, creative advertising is at its highest right now. Viral isn’t an option anymore, it’s the real game! Let’s talk how to go viral on Instagram.

Here are some top Instagram marketing tips for this year to make you viral in no time!

How To Go Viral On Instagram

However, there are some technicalities to this process. Going viral isn’t so simple although viral content is one of the best ways to grow your following and boost sales.

With numerous people and a billion start-ups already on this app, how do you make sure that you’re trending on top?

Don’t let the tough competition intimidate you from trying your best. With so many people within your reach, it’s the best way to gauge the successes and limitations of your products.

It’s also a means to figure out areas of improvement and later direction.

There’s just so much to gain from these platforms that not including them in your marketing strategy would not be advised.

Sure, there’s a learning curve to using Instagram for your business’ best, but it is all worth it if you end up going viral there!

You want to know how to go viral on Instagram, but why go viral on Instagram in the first place?

Simple: to gain a competitive edge in online marketing.

going viral on Instagram

The Perks of Going Viral on Instagram

Have a quick look at the following ways creating viral content on Instagram can help your business:

Boost Your Business’ Popularity

We’ll start with the more obvious perks first.

Going viral means getting a huge surge of followers, which brings more traffic your way! With your posts being shared, made into stories, tagged and sent over direct messages, you’ll gain popularity and attention the right way.

Besides, with so many people from all over the world on your business’ Instagram page, you’ll see how your product fares in different regions, and how your foreign competitors are faring.

Going Viral On Instagram Gets Endorsements

With attention directed to your account, influencers, celebrities, and those alike are bound to get on the bandwagon. With their endorsements and their gigantic follower platform, you’re bound to get famous! You won’t need to wonder how to go viral on Instagram.

Remember Lilly Lashes? Nicki Minaj was wearing those in some of her Instagram posts. Another example: Sugar Bear hair pills are a Kardashian favorite!

Cost-effective Marketing

Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a service to take care of it, Instagram marketing strategies are one of the cheapest ways you can employ to promote your product and services!

It’s a free app with price-friendly advertisement schemes. Smart algorithms based on users’ data and preferences get you noticed; your account is bound to show up in someone’s feed every few times a minute! So, how to go viral on Instagram?

How To Go Viral On Instagram? Pictures!

With visual marketing strategies, you’re bound to gain a great customer base.

Studies show that people respond more to pictures than text, and Instagram is all about the photo op! You can get creative, use filters or animations and make your posts insanely engaging for the ‘grammers!

Constant Activity

One of the top Instagram marketing tips for businesses is to constantly show up on your followers’ feed. This means posting timed material and a lot of creative content to become the center of attention.

Keeping your followers engaged at all times is the best way to habituate them towards your product. It increases the likelihood of them making purchases and encouraging their followers to do so too!

Instagram story

Instagram Account/Growth Managers Can Help You Go Viral On Instagram

It’s not hard work at all to keep your business afloat on Instagram. With many companies offering excellent services, you can divide and conquer. You can take charge of the production, while the professionals can handle your online presence.

Professionals are also more adept with the world of social media and know just exactly how to maneuver it to get you the right customer base!

It’s a double win for you — better products, and a lot of sales!

How to Make Your Content Go Viral

It’s not just high-quality content and smart hashtags. Neither is it the witty captions you’ve got ready to post. Making content go viral takes some strategies and it really has to resonate with the online community.

Here are some tips how to go viral on Instagram.

Give it Personality

What’s your business selling?

How are you as a person?

Bring your content to life by making it exciting. Take some professional pictures with certain angles, crazy backdrops and maybe hire some hip models to show off your product. Give it a personality and some spunk.

Your content has to be visually appealing and captivating — you want the Instagram community sharing your posts incessantly and talking about it nonstop!

Check out the Competition

One of the smartest Instagram marketing strategies is to search some keywords related to your business and see what pops up. What type of content is trending? What do online consumers like seeing?

Fashion your posts and videos accordingly to attract attention. Play with the common trends to make your content be one of the top viewed ones.


Don’t forget to come up with unique hashtags and include the trending ones in your post.

Do extensive research to see which hashtags are the most viral ones for your line of business, and what your search results come up with. This makes it easier for Instagram users to see your posts because hashtags filter out and group together similar media from all over the platform.

Connect, Connect, And Connect!

Instagram runs on a class system. The more influential you are, the more followers you have — sometimes even the lamest post gets more than a 100k likes if you’re Instagram famous.

When you begin your business, reach out and try to connect with Instagram’s influencers, celebrities, and famous bloggers. How to go viral on Instagram is the question, but connections are the answer.

Slide into their DMs with a little bit of information about your product or service. Making powerful connections will only help you gain a massive following, especially if they give you a shout out!

Know Your Audience, Know Your Content

We’ll explain this one with an example. If you’re selling statement jewelry, you can’t expect those in white collared jobs to be thrilled about your product.

Do your research. See what audience your product will attract, and then do extensive digging on how to get that audience clicking around your profile.

Know your audience and their preferences; it will help you chart out the best content. Your account will be geared for attention, and will also help you plan your next moves.

Promote Thyself

Look for influencers or bloggers who would really like your product. Sending them promotional packages to review and rate, and comment on will draw traffic your way. Go out of your way to self promote yourself and you will learn how to go viral on Instagram.

You’ll be increasing your presence in the online market and making some powerful connections along the way.

@world_record_egg viral Instagram profile

Instagram Features: What Are They For?

Instagram has introduced stories and highlights for you to include on your profile. You can go crazy with this. Use Boomerang, GIFs, stickers and even cool filters to up your story game.

You also have the option to Go Live on Instagram — a real-time video feature that lets you interact with your fans or consumers!

Content which gets people entertained is more likely to be shared and publicized than simple writing. So use Instagram’s tools to your advantage and you soon will know how to go viral on Instagram.

By now, we’ve established that Instagram is a great platform to use to promote your business…but why choose this platform over others?

Why Choose Instagram at All?

With creative ways to advertise yourself, and tons of people to share your story with, Instagram is a virtual marketing paradise awaiting you!

Sales Statistics

Turns out over 1/3rd of Instagram users have used the platform to make purchases. And this makes them 70% more like to use Instagram for online shopping again!

With online shopping bringing its comfort to consumers, Instagram has become one of the hottest business hubs for people to launch their start-up products and services.

Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies

With 800 million users’ worth of data, your post can reach your target audience in the most effective way. So you might wonder how to go viral on Instagram?

With tech-savvy methods to link consumer activity to suggested or sponsored material, your product is more likely to reach a larger crowd on Instagram.

With Retargeting strategy, users who have heard of you or viewed your profile are likely to be led back to your account, bringing more traffic and views!

Trackable Sales and Leads

With Instagram, you’re able to individually see which of your posts get the most attention. Or rather, which products and services are more popular than others.

Tracking metrics are great when it comes to seeing which marketing strategy is bringing in the most attention and revenue. This is a brilliant way to forecast your next investment and see the demographics of your business. You’ll be better able to invest in your business and devise smarter future strategies!

Customer and Management Engagement

Online shopping has created a rift between consumers and producers.

Instagram is a casual platform where businesses and customers can interact and also keep in touch.

With personalized attention, original content posted and high use of the platform, both parties are always aware of each other’s changes in demand, preferences, products and what not.

For the Creative Ones

For the creative, non-conventional minds, Instagram is your holy grail. With relaxed regulations on content, you’re able to freely express yourself any way you want.

For those businesses looking for a certain clientele, like vegan product consumers or eccentric jewelry buyers, Instagram is the place for you to go absolutely viral!

You should already know a bit about how to go viral on Instagram, but below you can find more tips.

Social Media Management Services Choose Instagram

With 60% of the adults using Instagram and with over 25 million business profiles, Instagram will most likely be the top social media platform for marketing.

Millennials and even adults prefer to use social media like Instagram for purchasing activities. Most wonder how to go viral on Instagram.

In fact, social media managers support Instagram with the following numbers:

• 5% increase in membership every month

• Instagram videos have become very popular, with the number quadrupling in the last year.

• Instagram’s own statistics are a testimony to an online marketing strategy.

So in other words, you’re more likely to reach a very large platform of people and undoubtedly make a profit and find consistent customers.

how to go viral on Instagram

BRB, Going to Get Viral

Before you begin, know that Instagram has introduced business profiles for the specific reason of marketing and to target the right customers.

With various methods of advertising and reaching out to people, Instagram is every business’s success story waiting to happen. With opportunities to collaborate and endorse, you’re bound to succeed.

Creative visuals, cool pictures and anticipation inducing stories — these marketing gimmicks are all possible on Instagram and get you and your customers engaged.

Social media management services like have optimized the best information to help a new business get a head start. With affordable services like these, your account is bound to go viral and so is your product. We can even teach you a little about how to go viral on Instagram.

Brace Yourselves, We’re Instagram Ready

With all these amazing reasons to put your business online, check out their guidelines on how to set up your business profile on Instagram. With that user-friendly interface, you’re ready to post your content in no time!

How To Go Viral On Instagram? Hire a Service

If setting up an account on Instagram and learning the ins and outs of Instagram advertising seem too daunting for you, hire a service! One of the best and most cheaply priced services currently helping new businesses is (haha that’s us).

With technical information on analytics, algorithms, consumer preferences, and behavioral patterns, we utilize the right information of your business to give it a great start.

We hope that now you know how to go viral on Instagram, but a little outisde help wouldn’t hurt.

With our expertise on consumer thinking and online trends and their patterns, we can help you begin at the top, and remain there! Our managers will also provide you with weekly reports and newer ideas. Instagram Growth Service

We promise great returns on your social media advertisement and also boosts organic following of your account — none of the fake follower stuff you’ve been hearing about!

Thank you for reading our how to go viral on Instagram guide and stay tuned for more tips on Instagram.

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