Buzzoid vs Kicksta – Which Social Media Growth Service Is Better?

Buzzoid vs Kicksta - Which Social Media Growth Service Is Better?

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You may be already familiar both with Buzzoid vs Kicksta rivalry. These are popular platforms that help you to grow followers on Instagram.

We are going to talk about these platforms and find out which is more suitable to help you out with your Instagram growth goals. Let’s start by comparing the Kicksta platform next to the Buzzoid service.

Overall Offer

Let’s find out what each of these platforms has to offer their clients.


As mentioned on their website Buzzoid offers Instagram followers, likes and views delivered within a few minutes. They state to provide fast delivery and a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your order then you are eligible for a full refund.

Also, they have 24 hours support which is great if you have any issues with the Buzzoid platform. The only issue that we see is that you don’t know the quality of these followers, likes or views. They might be fake or only temporary. It is not a good idea to buy fake Instagram followers.



Kicksta offers a little bit different service than Buzzoid does. Kicksta website states that they have the most powerful organic growth tool for Instagram. They promise no spam, no fake bots or followers.

You have to list competitors, brands or influencers in your niche and then Kicksta does the work by auto-engaging with their followers. Their technology is powered by artificial intelligence, which is very interesting. But we can see a very big red flag here – automation is prohibited by Instagram. So, let’s move forward with Buzzoid vs Kicksta.

what is Kicksta

How It Works

If you want to invest your time and money in some kind of Instagram management service, first find out how their service works. Understand the sign-up process to know what will happen to your Instagram profile.

How Buzzoid Works

First of all, you have to choose whether you want Instagram followers, likes or views. Second, you choose the amount of desired followers, likes or views. Then you have to enter your Instagram username and email address.

After signing up all is left to do is to input your payment information. That is how you are going to get Instagram followers, likes or views with Buzzoid.

How Kicksta Works

Kicksta has a pretty simple pricing model, you can go with a standard or premium subscription. All you have to do is enter your email address and payment information.

You have to pay immediately and there is no trial to test out this Instagram growth service. After signing up you will gain access to your dashboard, there you can select the desired filters and start growing your followers.

To start, Kicksta asks you to provide some relevant Instagram profiles. Businesses or brands that are close to your niche and have lots of active followers. These are your competitors and you are going to steal their followers.

After completing the set-up Kicksta automation starts working. It goes and likes Instagram posts of your targeted followers. This helps to bring attention to your profile and most of the time you will get a like back or even a follow. We can say that Buzzoid vs Kicksta point goes to Kicksta.


The pricing of Kicksta and Buzzoid differs a lot because they offer somehow similar, but very different service. Let’s dig into the prices of both services so you could find what you need.

Buzzoid Prices

It depends on what you are looking for. Remember that Buzzoid offers followers, likes and even views. Prices for Instagram followers start at 3$ for 100 followers.

If you want 50 likes then you have to pay 1.50$. And lastly, views are the cheapest, starting at 500 views for 2$. As you can see below you can choose your amount of interactions.

Buzzoid pricing

What is interesting, you can select from two types of followers. The first option is high-quality followers with profile pictures, but without any further uploads. The second option is premium followers and they should have some content uploads.

The description of these premium followers isn’t very informative, so it is hard whether or not they are premium.

Keep in mind that premium Instagram followers from Buzzoid are a little more expensive than the high-quality ones. But our guess that they are worth the investment if you are considering which ones to buy.

It isn’t easy to answer which service is better as they are quite different, but let’s proceed with Buzzoid vs Kicksta onto Kicksta’s pricing model.

Kicksta Pricing

As already mentioned Instagram growth service Kicksta has a very simple pricing model. You can choose from Standard or Premium subscription. On the pricing page, it is stated that you can cancel anytime and could get your money back within 14 days after purchase.

The first subscription plan – Standard is 49$ per month. It offers moderate growth, some kind of video onboarding and 10 profiles to target.

The premium subscription, on the other hand, is 99$ per month and it offers maximum growth, same video onboarding. Instead of 10 target Instagram profiles, you can list 40.

Besides, you would get a VIP email and live chat support, advanced targeting, and blacklist (ability to blacklist certain users).

Kicksta pricing


While Buzzoid and Kicksta are similar, they provide a different service for the same social media platform. Let’s explore the features of the two services.

Buzzoid Features

We have already talked about how Buzzoid works. They are very simple and straight-forward. You just choose the desired package of followers, likes or views and enter your payment details.

You will get your package delivered as quickly as possible. There isn’t much to talk about the features of Buzzoid. Keep in mind that you don’t know the quality of the followers or likes you are going to get.

Also, it would be very rare to gain real and authentic users by buying them. Most of the time, from services like Buzzoid, you would get a lot of fake Instagram profiles following you and liking your content.

Kicksta Features

Kicksta has a different approach, instead of selling followers they interact with them by engaging on your behalf. Some key features worth mentioning:

  • Choose your targets
  • Filter profiles that you don’t like, for example, profiles without a picture or non-English users could be skipped
  • Gender targeting
  • Choose whether or not you wish to include business profiles
  • Not only you can target Instagram profiles, but also you could target a certain hashtag or location

what is Kicksta

While everything seems great and very convenient to grow your Instagram followers base, keep in mind that automation that is used by Kicksta is prohibited.

Most likely your profile will get in trouble or simply your long-term strategy could be hurt. We encourage not to participate in any kind of Instagram automation as you don’t want to lose your profile.


Whenever you pay for service that improves your brand or business you want to analyze the results. Let’s dig a little deeper about what Buzzoid and Kicksta have to offer in terms of analytics.

Buzzoid Analytics

When you place an order with Buzzoid then you can only track your gain of followers, likes or views. Buzzoid doesn’t offer some kind of analytics platform so you could see the difference.

You will have to use official Instagram analytics in your application or find a third-party provider with statistics on your growth.

Kicksta Analytics

On the other hand, Kicksta provides a dashboard where you can track your growth of followers. It is very convenient to be able to see your daily changes in followers, engagement, etc.

With their dashboard you can see which target performs the best (follow back ratio), so you could adjust your settings for maximizing the results.


One and the most important thing you could before investing your money into any kind of service is reading the reviews. You are going to learn a lot about a certain service or brand from its customers. But keep in mind that the source of reviews is very important too.

As most of the time brands tend to write good reviews about themselves and fake reviews about their competitors. In that case, we have to find a reliable review service and Trustpilot is exactly what we are after. They are monitoring every review and are making sure it is legit.

Buzzoid Reviews

Buzzoid has a lot of reviews, around 66% are marked as “Excellent”, so we can say that they offer a legit service. You can feel free to order from them and if you have any issues just contact their support.

But, they also have around 17% of “Bad” reviews. By going through them we can see that a lot of customers are complaining about the quality of the service. While they do deliver what was promised, the quality of followers, likes, and views might be poor to decent. Also, they tend to drop after the delivery.

Buzzoid Trustpilot

Kicksta Reviews

Kicksta has way fewer reviews, but enough to make your mind whether or not to use their Instagram followers growth service. On Trustpilot, they are rated as “Average”.

Only 33% of reviews are marked as “Excellent”, which is something, there are lots of happy customers. But the problem is that around 38% of the reviews are marked as “Bad”. This could be a red flag for a lot of people. For sure, it is a red flag for us.

Kicksta Trustpilot

Seems like Kicksta is doing something, but most of that could be wrong. Keep in mind that you still can try this service and make your mind by yourself.

Buzzoid vs Kicksta Conclusion

It is a very hard decision about which one you should choose. Both services are against Instagram terms. Buzzoid sells followers and Kicksta gains them with automation. Our Buzzoid vs Kicksta conslusion below.

But if you have to choose one between these two then Kicksta is our go-to. Even when Kicksta uses automation, Buzzoid sells followers which could be fake and harm your profile in the long term.

Keep in mind, both of these could get your profile in trouble and we wouldn’t recommend using any of them.

If you want to create a business, brand or a long term strategy on Instagram then find a service with organic marketing techniques. While Kicksta does the job with automation, we at are gaining real, targeted and genuine followers on Instagram, but without the automation.

Proceed to our website and drop us a message if you want to grow organically!

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