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Instagram picked up more than one million users with just the first three months of launching the platform.

Since then, that number has eclipsed one billion users from around the world which is both a good and bad thing for those wanting to gain traction. You need best Instagram growth service to help you.

In other words, a bigger user base means that you can potentially reach a wider audience but gaining traction is also harder with this obvious increase in competition.

Instagram has also evolved over the years and the capabilities of this platform mean that strategy is the main focus of interest for the best Instagram growth service.

Best Instagram Growth Service For Help

Well, if you want to grow your personal or business account, you will need a strategy to get ahead.

You should also know that certain tools can make this process a lot easier and help you gain proper traction in what is already a very crowded market.

Either way, Instagram has never been more influential and in this article, we take a look at how you can identify and help you choose the best Instagram growth service for your personal brand or business.

best instagram growth service

Having a Strategy to Grow on Instagram

It should go without saying that you want to attract followers, comments, likes and mentions on Instagram. For this reason, you need specific tools and strategies to build a campaign that will actually work.

It’s also essential to engage with your audience purposefully and an Instagram growth service can help automate all of the above.

But not every Instagram growth service is created equal and some agencies use cheap tactics to grow their accounts and this often involves fake followers.

Don’t Buy Followers, Use Best Instagram Growth Service

Because it’s easy to buy these followers on the black market and while they add no value, big numbers can give the perception of authority to the untrained eye.

That is to say, you should know by now that fake followers will take away from the user experience as these followers do not interact with your posts and they certainly won’t answer your calls to action.

And that’s the first thing you need to keep in mind; that legitimate tools and services will only promote your account in a way that benefits your brand.

Here are a few more trademark capabilities that you should expect with the best Instagram growth service below.

best instagram growth service

More Engagement With Best Instagram Growth Service

Engagement is the sign of a great tool and the best Instagram growth service will improve engagement, and attract more real followers.

Expect More Visibility With Growth Service

Increasing your online visibility will not only create the perception of authority but also provide more opportunities to sell, network, and collaborate.

Instagram Growth Service Bring You More Time

Growing an Instagram account is incredibly time-consuming. The best Instagram growth service will automate this process and free up time you can spend elsewhere.

More Sales With Organic Growth Strategies

If you sell a product or service, then Instagram growth service will help you reach a much greater audience and hence, increase the potential for more sales.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how you can pick out the right Instagram growth service for your brand.

Identify Best Instagram Growth Service That Focuses on Real Followers

When it comes to choosing a service to help grow your following on Instagram, it’s best to avoid agencies or individuals that promise outlandish results.

In most instances, this means they will buy fake followers and drive irrelevant traffic toward your account which will only disrupt your progress in the long term.

For the same reasons, it’s best to avoid “pre-loaded accounts” which, even if the followers are real, offer little more than the unnecessary risk to your brand given that you don’t know the history of the account.

Takeaway For Best Instagram Growth Service

Pinpoint an Instagram growth service that specifically talks about real followers and proven tactics that can grow your account using organic methods.

best instagram growth service for real followers

Check The Methods Being Used to Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram growth services use various methods to attract real followers to your account.

Liking posts is a common tactic and auto-comments or direct messages can produce impressive results in spite of being rather intrusive.

It’s important to understand which methods the service will use and the tactics with which you are most comfortable. After all, not every method will be suitable or even successful for your account.

For instance, the follow/unfollow method can boost numbers in the short term but the probability is high that these users will unfollow you a few days later.

Direct messages and auto-commenting are also risky strategies to avoid as users most often feel disdain for any interactions that feel irrelevant, disingenuous, or spam-like.

follow/unfollow method Instagram

Search for an Instagram growth service that strikes a balance between liking photos, leaving organic comments and some follow/unfollow. Reliable services will also use manual actions on Instagram instead of automation as it is prohibited.

Pay Attention to How the Instagram Growth Service Targets Followers

You want real people to follow you on Instagram but finding relevant followers is equally important.

The best Instagram growth service will specifically target real people that have an interest in your brand while filtering out random accounts that have no interest in what you do.

Just so you know, location and hashtags are commonly used to find this target audience but it’s important to select the right hashtags and know how to combine these factors to build a community that has a genuine interest in your brand.

How Best Instagram Growth Service Works

The best Instagram growth service will combine several factors to ensure they are targeting the right users that are most likely to interact with your content.

The Best Instagram Growth Services Make the Most of Filters

Instagram started out as quite a basic app on which you took a picture, applied a filter, and shared the result with a small number of followers.

There was nothing fancy and little to learn about the process but things have changed significantly in recent years.

It’s true, Instagram is crowded with different features and a rising number of nefarious users. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to take care when it comes to what type of content or accounts with which you interact.

The best Instagram growth service will use various filters to help monitor and protect your account. For instance, ignoring “suspicious” accounts will use a follower-to-following ratio to weed out the bots.

The profanity filter will prevent users from leaving any unwanted language on your posts and the “blacklist” filter allows the service to block specific individuals.

Instagram Growth Strategy Filters

These are just a few of the filters which an Instagram growth service will use to protect your account and help define the community around the brand.

Choose a Service that Allows You to Measure and Track Progress

You need to measure the success or shortcomings of every method and this is something that the best Instagram growth service will master for you.

Aside from a shiny interface, these services should provide you full access to analytics that illustrate the demographics and origin of your new followers.

You can use this data to refine your targeting tools, not to mention your overall marketing strategy.

best instagram growth service with sophisticated reports

Pick an Instagram growth service that has a clean dashboard with analytics and reports that you can use to track progress.

Best Instagram Growth Service Cost And Support

You might not want to speak with customer support any time soon but this feature is always useful when you least expect it.

A responsive support team will save you time and frustration and help you navigate any intricacies that you might need explaining.

As for the cost, the best Instagram growth services will range from between $40 and $150 per month but for real followers and genuine results, it’s best to avoid the low end.

Look for an Instagram growth service that offers live chat and provides a comprehensive FAQ along with a dedicated support team.

Pick a Service that Offers Full Transparency and Trust

Pick an Instagram growth service that shows you exactly how they plan to improve your following.

You also want to feel comfortable with your choice and pick an agency that has a proven track record for achieving results.

With this in mind, is a reliable service that many influential brands have described as the best Instagram growth service.

You can also initiate a free ten-day trial with the agency, and they have various brands and influencers on their books, not to mention professional athletes and celebrities from all over the world.

Transparency is something that you value in your audience and this is certainly something that you should expect when paying for an Instagram growth service.

Trustpilot reviews of

Final Thoughts on Best Instagram Growth Service

Instagram is not just a broadcast platform for photographs but rather a community of people that want to learn, grow and provide value.

It’s important to use these principles to grow your following and also to know that strategy is everything in terms of gaining real traction.

It might not be possible for everyone but an Instagram growth service will also achieve much greater results than the average user and as competition grows, these agencies might just be the difference that will help you get ahead on Instagram.

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