Kicksta Reviews: Is It Worth The Investment?

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Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform in the world, so it is no wonder that businesses and influencers alike are vying for more followers and searching for Kicksta reviews. With such stiff competition, there are countless service providers out there that claim to help you secure more followers.

Kicksta is one of the most popular Instagram growth providers on the market, but is it worth it? We take an in-depth look at the service to help you to make your decision. Let’s start with some basics about Kicksta and why you need Instagram followers in general.

Why do you need Instagram followers?

For regular users, the overall number of followers that they have on their Instagram account has no real impact on how they use the platform. For many businesses and influencers, however, their overall follower numbers can be used to demonstrate their standing in the market.

For influencers, the more followers that they have, the more attractive they are to companies. For businesses, having a large following can help to boost sales by increasing the overall traffic visiting their website. It can also help to position them as industry leaders in their chosen field, cementing them as the go-to choice for customers and peers.

What is Kicksta?

You might have heard of Kicksta under its previous name, Kickstagram, but the company is a dedicated Instagram growth tool. Rather than using fake accounts to give the illusion of having a large following, which is how many services do it, Kicksta promises to provide organic growth from real followers. Let’s dive in into Kicksta reviews.

Kicksta reviews

How does Kicksta work?

Once you have signed up to the Kicksta platform, you will then be asked for a list of accounts that have similar followers that you would like for your account. You can also provide them with a range of additional targets, such as locations and hashtags, to help ensure that you are only growing with followers that are relevant to your company.

Whilst this targeted approach helps to bring you a more relevant audience, the methods Kicksta uses to attract them are very similar to many other automation services on the market. Once it has identified accounts that match your potential targets, Kicksta automatically likes one or two of their photos, with the idea being it will then check out your profile, like what it sees, and start following.

Of course, there is no guarantee that those people will follow your account back but it is a proven strategy to grow your overall followers and raise your brand awareness. So what are the Kicksta reviews?

Kicksta reviews – key features

Kicksta is one of the leading Instagram growth providers on the market, and the company provides its users with a range of additional features.

Smart targeting

The in-depth targeting methods are certainly one of the biggest attractions of the Kicksta platform. They claim that they will only interact with accounts that match your set criteria, so this helps to bring in followers who are more likely to engage with your brand.

24/7 growth

Although you could do this service yourself, it would be a very time-consuming task and would take hours of work to achieve what Kicksta can do in a matter of minutes. Their Artificial Intelligence system works around the clock, meaning your Instagram marketing strategy will be fully automated and working 24 hours a day.

Instagram does have an interaction limit each day, so you should be careful about the number of interactions you make in addition to Kicksta. If you do not, you could find yourself reaching the limit and either reducing the overall growth you enjoy or even being blocked.

In-depth reports 

Each month, Kicksta provides its clients with a detailed report that shows a breakdown of how the account performed. This includes information on the overall growth, as well as a useful day-by-day guide and additional engagement information to help with your digital marketing strategy.

One particularly useful aspect of this report is that it lets you also see how your target accounts performed, allowing you to compare yourself directly against your competitors.

High-level security

Handing over your data to a third-party service can always make you feel a little nervous, however, Kicksta employs a 256-bit SSL encryption process and claims its security is as high-level as a bank.

Filter out bad Instagram profiles

Alongside giving you in-depth targeting options, Kicksta also lets you filter out any accounts that you do not want following you, helping you to guarantee that you only grow with viable accounts that are useful to your business. These filters include:

  1. Private accounts
  2. Suspicious or inactive accounts
  3. New accounts
  4. Gender

Kicksta reviews – how much does it cost?

There are currently two main monthly pricing plans for the Kicksta service, the cheaper Starter package costs $69 and is designed to provide steady growth while the Ultimate package costs $219 a month and offers maximum growth.

Although both packages offer customers the chance to grow with real followers there are a few differences between the two.

Starter Kicksta package:

  1. Steady growth speed
  2. Video Onboarding
  3. Up to ten targets
  4. No VIP support or Live Chat option
  5. No advanced targeting

Ultimate Kicksta package:

  1. Maximum growth speed
  2. Video onboarding
  3. Up to forty targets
  4. VIP email support and access to the Live Chat option
  5. Advanced targeting such as gender, location, and hashtags
  6. Blacklisting abilities
Kicksta pricing

What are the benefits of using Kicksta?

As with anything in life, there are a number of pros and cons with the Kicksta service. Let’s explore some of them and dive into Kicksta reviews.

Pros of Kicksta

  • Proven and safe service, with the website coming with an HTTPS URL; meaning Google trusts it to manage your personal data.
  • Their pricing plan is very clear and there are no hidden costs, meaning you can budget from the outset.
  • Kicksta also has a very in-depth FAQ section that can be quickly accessed when the customer service team is unavailable.
  • The monthly reports are very thorough but there is also a detailed dashboard that you can access whenever required to find out information on your account’s performance.
  • Kicksta is transparent with their results and if you are not happy with the service provided or the results you have seen after 14 days then they do offer a full money-back guarantee.

Cons of Kicksta

  • The Kicksta service is very expensive compared to other services on the market that provide users with similar features.
  • Kicksta uses automation which is forbidden by Instagram, you could put your profile in a big danger.
  • You can only use credit cards as a payment method, which does restrict a number of people, particularly those who like to use PayPal or similar to complete their transactions.
  • Although there is an in-depth FAQ section, this does not cover every problem and the customer service team is not accessible 24/7. The live chat can be quite slow to respond and some customers have reported finding the support goes offline throughout the day.
  • Although the potential targeting is strong, Kicksta does only like their photos which can get lost on high-follower accounts. If you wanted a service that automates comments or follows and unfollows then it might be better to seek another service.
  • Kicksta only focuses on overall follower growth and not the engagement of your posts, which is something you will need to work on if you want to maintain your followers and stop them from unfollowing.
  • Overall Kicksta reviews are not so great on the world wide web.

Should you choose Kicksta for your Instagram growth journey?

There can be no denying that Kicksta is a useful tool and has helped many customers to grow their Instagram accounts. However, the service is quite expensive and there are many different services out there that offer similar (if not better) ways to grow your followers which doesn’t include automation.

It is certainly an alternative to buying fake followers, but there can never be any guarantee on the quality of the followers they do attract so if your research or targets are a little off then you could end up with irrelevant followers.

While the results are one thing, the level of support you receive should also be a major factor when choosing the right growth service for your brand.

Although they do offer basic package customers some support, live chat, and quick email support are locked away for premium users. It also only has three stars on the independent review website TrustPilot, which is something you should consider.

Kicksta Trustpilot

Finally, Kicksta also uses automation features that are no longer being accepted by Instagram. Over the last year, the platform has implemented stringent rules that accounts must follow and any that it deems are performing strange behavior (such as excessive liking, commenting, or following) are being banned – meaning you could well find your account blocked! So, Kicksta reviews are not so great at the given moment.

kicksta alternative

Do your research before choosing any kind of Instagram growth service, there are lots of reviews floating around on the internet, but make sure that they are from credible sources as you might end up reading a review that is self-flattering and written by the service provider himself. That is it about Kicksta reviews and that was our honest opinion.

Also, you can check a close comparison between us and Kicksta growth service here.

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